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Uplifting Design

Exclusively from Harmonic Environments

With only one glance at their inspiring displays of motion, light and color you realize that AeroPanels can take your design to new heights.

AeroPanels offer you new and unique ways to bring the magical properties of water into your environment. A sleek, low-profile and low-maintenance design means they can be easily integrated into almost any space, alcove, or even into custom designed furniture and built-ins.

AeroPanels offer a host of unique features beyond their amazing aesthetics. Because they are completely enclosed, AeroPanels are the cleanest and safest water feature available – a perfect solution for hospitals, healthcare facilities, or any environment where the highest level of cleanliness is desired. Fresh water conservation is at the heart of one of the standout features of these exclusive systems. Every custom AeroPanel is engineered to minimize evaporative loss and eliminate excessive water usage.

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