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A Little History

How It All Started

The Original

In 1987 Harmonic Environments® originated the concept of high-quality, custom indoor waterfalls. The quest to introduce natural elements to enhance the spaces in which we live and work resulted in the first of its kind custom, splash-free indoor waterfall.


Harmonic Environments continues to influence the way people interact with and enjoy their surroundings. Our innovative design solutions have long attracted the attention of the world’s premier architects and interior designers, but it is our commitment to excellence, guaranteed workmanship, and exceptional service that has kept Harmonic Environments at the forefront of the industry it created.

Each Harmonic Environments waterfall is custom crafted from the finest materials and fabricated to the exact specifications of the client. The result is a blend of beauty and precision that truly does transform and enhance its environment.

Working with Us

As Harmonic Environments has grown over the years we have remained dedicated to providing a personal level of attention and care that only an exclusive boutique can. We would love to talk with you about how we may be able help to you with your upcoming project. Give us a call at (772) 223-9011.