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large indoor harmonic cascade waterfall

Feedback kindly provided by our clients

“Things came in on time and everyone on the site appreciated that. I would absolutely work with you again on other projects and continue to recommend you for water feature projects on the island.”

Jose Gutierrez
SCF Arquitectos
Banco Popular Project

“It’s very relaxing, very soothing for the baby… Sometimes I can bring her down here and set her in front of it and she’ll go right to sleep. Everyone enjoys the waterfall. Harmonic Environments did a terrific job of making it for that spot in our home.”

Ervin and Renee Johnson
NBA Center

“People want to look at flowing water; they want to stand there because it’s calming. With all the noise at a trade show — visual and aural — why do people remember us? Because we’re an oasis in a desert of same-kind displays.”

Charles E. Cottrell
President / CEO
Cottrell, Ltd.

“Love the wall. Using it in the Reflection Room brings a sense of serenity and peace. Adds a wonderful sense of openness to our facility. Would love them in other work spaces.”

Sister Donna Fread
Franciscan Health System
St. Joseph Medical Center

“It’s very soothing and you can feel a change in the quality of the air as you walk through the hallway between our two waterfalls.”

Gaye Steinke
Alleria Spa Manager
Hyatt Regency Beaver Creek

“It’s well built and looks aesthetically pleasing. It fits in well with the design. In terms of the nice sounds it creates when it’s running — it’s very pleasant and relaxing to have a waterfall sound in the background.”

Dr. Nalin J. Mehta
The Colorado Retina Center

“I really enjoyed working with Harmonic Environments on this project…”

Nancy Glasgow
Environmental Design Consultant
Centura St. Anthony Hospital

“It’s gorgeous and blends in so beautifully with other design elements…”

Karen Palecko Bates
Meyer Associates

“The waterfall is all we could have wanted – and more.”

Dr. R. Cree Hamilton,

“We love it. We’ve had several visitors claim that it is so serene to sit by our waterfall, that they have nearly fallen asleep!”

Noreen Bernard,
Director of Women’s Services
Columbia Swedish Medical Center

“I am extremely happy with my waterfall. I can change the mood or feel of the house by adjusting the lighting and the flow of the water…”

Billy Oen
Senior Vice President
Interurban Mortgage